Services Offered


Initial Consultation with Full Acupuncture and Treatment… $175

Follow-up Visit … $140

Seasonal Acupuncture Visit**…$175

Seasonal Wellness Package: Four pre-scheduled Seasonal Acupuncture Treatments …$650 (Save $50)


Exclusive Seasonal Wellness VIP Annual Membership–$750

Includes four Seasonal Acupuncture treatments/yr, Chinese herbs with each visit, seasonal teas,and seasonal essential oils, along with a full year subscription to private Facebook Forum with other club members, providing access to seasonal recipes and wellness tips

Dragon’s Way Program–$320

Six Week Wellness Program supporting Weight Loss and Stress Reduction.  Program includes Instructional DVD, Practice CD, Herbal Supplements and Course Book– TCM:  A Natural Approach to Weight Loss That Lasts by Dr. Nan Lu

Dragon’s Way® Program (Returning participants)–$199

Includes six sessions plus herbs

Wu Ming Qigong for Breast Health–$90

Three week class focused on learning seven Wu Ming Qigong movements that help improve the flow of energy through the breast area. This program is based on prevention.


**Unique protocol offered at change of seasons to support energetic transition from one season to the next  (See Blog Post here )