Knee Pain

After my third joint replacement in 2004, I had to sleep in my recliner.  For five months I could not get into bed for more than two hours.  After trying pills and chiropractors, I decided to try acupuncture at Lasata. My problems were pain in my left knee at night, morning lameness–capped by not being able to sit at the breakfast table.  Sharp electric shocks of pain would go across the small of my back.  I would have to get up two or three times before it would subside.

Two treatments later at Lasata, my knee pain was gone, and I was sleeping ALL NIGHT. Four treatments and the morning electric shocks were reduced up to 95%.

What a relief to be mostly pain-free.  By the way, I am 76 years old and expect some stiffness and pain.

A.B. East Longmeadow